A Day of Thanks…Or, is it?

Thanksgiving day–a day in which families and friends gather to give thanks.

Personally, I have much for which I am grateful.  I have a loving, supportive husband, an outstanding family, a rewarding career, amazing friends, a roof over my head, and food on my table.  Really, what more is there for a person to ask?  We are blessed with so much, yet fail to truly open our eyes to these blessings.  We think about these blessings once or twice a year, but within a matter of days, we return to complaining about those items we do not possess or those situations that did not turn out the way we wanted.  Honestly, it just should not be this way.  We should always take a minute to be grateful for what we do have.

This brings me to my next thought, one that has been raised by many dear to me:  How do we give thanks for what we have today, yet by this evening, fight with crowds of people to get those items we desire?  How do we so quickly go from one extreme to another?  Is it really worth it to lose one’s self in fighting with others to obtain an item that will eventually gather dust somewhere in the house?  In what way is an individual showing that he or she has been grateful just hours before by acting like a child fighting over a toy?

But, these are just a southern girl’s thoughts.  I, personally, will remain grateful and save the long lines and fights over items for someone else.