Iron Bowl: The Modern Day Hatfield and McCoy

November 24, 2012–Iron Bowl!  For those of you unaware of the Iron Bowl, this is arguably the biggest rivalry game in college football in the south.  This game divides the state of Alabama like no other.

Understand I am not trying to take away from any other rivalry game in any other conference, but one must live here to fully grasp the importance of this game that occurs at the end of each college football season.  First, when a child is born, a side is selected for the child; if one moves here, he or she must quickly choose a team.  “Who do you pull for?” is a question commonly posed whether or not one knows the individual asking it.  The trash talk that accompanies Auburn and Alabama fans during the football season can make anyone lose his or her religion, but during this game friends become enemies and families divide.  Bless those that are a part of a divided family; I know this feeling as I am an Auburn girl, and my husband is an Alabama man.

However, those that have serious, in-depth fights, physical altercations, and even shootings or stabbings just do not make sense to me.  Trust me when I say I know my football, watch it faithfully, defend my team to others, celebrate victories, and mourn losses.  (Yes, I am doing a lot of mourning this season.)  To put it mildly, I certainly get into the game of football and enjoy every aspect of it, but to allow one game to turn me into the spawn of Satan?  I think not.

Honestly, what is the point in fighting both verbally and physically with loved ones over a game?  What is the point in shooting or stabbing a family member over a game?  What is the point in damaging a school’s monument over a game?  What is the point in killing trees used for a school tradition over a game?  Then, to celebrate these horrific acts?  No, thank you.  Being a part of this rivalry, I agree that it is more than just a game, but some of these acts of anger or boastfulness or arrogance are simply just not necessary and make everyone else look ludicrous.

But, this is just the opinion of a southern girl–one who lives and breathes college football.

War Eagle!


A Day of Thanks…Or, is it?

Thanksgiving day–a day in which families and friends gather to give thanks.

Personally, I have much for which I am grateful.  I have a loving, supportive husband, an outstanding family, a rewarding career, amazing friends, a roof over my head, and food on my table.  Really, what more is there for a person to ask?  We are blessed with so much, yet fail to truly open our eyes to these blessings.  We think about these blessings once or twice a year, but within a matter of days, we return to complaining about those items we do not possess or those situations that did not turn out the way we wanted.  Honestly, it just should not be this way.  We should always take a minute to be grateful for what we do have.

This brings me to my next thought, one that has been raised by many dear to me:  How do we give thanks for what we have today, yet by this evening, fight with crowds of people to get those items we desire?  How do we so quickly go from one extreme to another?  Is it really worth it to lose one’s self in fighting with others to obtain an item that will eventually gather dust somewhere in the house?  In what way is an individual showing that he or she has been grateful just hours before by acting like a child fighting over a toy?

But, these are just a southern girl’s thoughts.  I, personally, will remain grateful and save the long lines and fights over items for someone else.